Payout Dates (will coincide with statement date in your portal)

Pay Period Together with CCHP Unity HII Aspirus Medico United Individual WPS Dean Network Individual Network Medicare Common Ground Security Health Network Group Gundersen Humana IHC United Medicare Medishare Medica
Estimated Dates 9th 15th 15th 16th 16th 16th 16th 20th 20th 20th 21st 25th 25th 25th 25th 25th 25th 2nd 6th
January 2018 02-09-2018 02-22-2018 02-22-2018 02-20-2018 02-22-2018 02-20-2018 No Commissions 02-22-2018 02-22-2018 02-22-2018 02-26-2018 02-09-2018 02-22-2018 02-22-2018 02-22-2018 02-20-2018 02-22-2018 No Commissions 03-01-2018
February 2018 03-07-2018 03-21-2018 03-19-2018 03-19-2018 03-19-2018 03-19-2018 No Commissions 03-20-2018 03-20-2018 03-20-2018 03-21-2018 03-01-2018 03-22-2018 03-22-2018 03-27-2018 03-27-2018 03-27-2018 04-03-2018 04-03-2018

Looking to add a carrier contract?

Get started:

Step 1.  Every agent must have a signed sub-broker agreement, click here if you don’t already have one filled out.

Step 2.  Choose any of the carriers that you wish to get contracted with, and fill out the accompanying forms.

Multiple Lines Contract Individual and Family Medicare Specific Group Specific
Security Health Plan  Together with CCHP  Aetna United Healthcare (UMR)
Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative  Medishare (Christian Ministry)  Network Health
 IHC (Short Term, Ancillary Products)  Network Health  United Health (AARP)
 Dean (Individual and Family, Medicare)  Aspirus  Anthem BCBS
Quartz Gundersen (Ind & Fam, Medicare) Quartz Unity Silverscript (Part D)
WPS (Individual and Medicare)  United Healthcare (Goldenrule)
Medica (Individual and Medicare)

That’s it!

If you have questions please contact Ryan Moran