Lead program – the 5 W’s

Who are we?

We are health insurance agents, just like you!  We work and operate out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. We know the business, we know how to set the appointments.  We know the CMS guidelines, what is allowed and what isn’t.  What better place to get your leads from than from agents that know your specific business?

What are we offering?

  • Purchase Live Transfers/Set Appointments for only $15 a piece
  • We DO NOT and WILL NOT sell to mulitple people, one lead – to one person ONLY
  • We record all of our calls for review and compliance should an issue ever occur
  • Guaranteed Good Information This does NOT mean that the appointment will be sold for you.  We are simply guaranteeing the validity of the appointment and the person you will be speaking with.  IF you get a “lead” that is “bad”, you simply need to let us know, we will review the call, and replace the “lead” if it is indeed bad.

Where can I purchase leads?

You can purchase leads from any state.  Keep in mind, we are marketing to and obtaining these leads ourselves.  We DO NOT have a large list of “share leads” to resell you, so when you purchase the leads, you will get them as we obtain them.

Why would we sell leads to our competition, and why so cheap?

  • We have more leads that we can contact ourselves and therefore have an overflow.
  • We are well aware that we could charge more for our “leads”, but we do not want to price them so you can’t afford them, we want to price them so you can’t afford NOT to buy them!

How do you get your “lead”?

It must be re-stated that we will only sell a “lead” to one person.  We DO NOT and WILL NOT sell “shared leads”.  That said, we have found through experience it is both best for the prospect and the agent if calls can be Live Transferred.  If the prospect can simply not talk at that time, or if the agent is unavailable, an appointment will be set and given to the agent as a “lead” to call.  *We are currently working on a system that would automatically put this appointment on your iCalendar or Gmail Calendar

When can I start getting my leads?

You can start right now!  Like we acknowledged earlier, we market to the leads ourselves, and we do not have a large list somewhere that we are going to sell you as a “lead”.  These are going to be real people, on the phone that have requested to talk to you.

So why wait, select  how many leads you would like, and turn your phone on!

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